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Welcome to Streamlined Diving.

Discover the new way to scuba dive either as a Technical or Recreational Diver.
Sidemount diving is the most versatile art of diving, it brings a totaly new dimension of hovering, trimming, streamlined position and equipment configuration.

Have you ever thought of becoming a Pro in this technique? You will learn all the right basics to become a Master in trimming technique.

Sidemount diving is a diving configuration which has cylinders mounted on each side of the diver just below the shoulders and streamlined along the hips, instead of the traditional back mounted system. It is a popular configuration with advanced cave divers and it allows you to penetrate smaller sections of caves where cylinders can be removed with greater ease. Sidemount diving becomes popular with divers who have difficulty handling the heavy Twin-sets commonly used by Technical divers and some cave divers. Shortcomings of this diving style include a greater difficulty in sharing air while diving with team members using backmounted cylinders.

Sidemount diving began in the UK, where it was originally used in partially and fully submerged caves. It was an easier way of transporting diving gear and cylinders between totally submerged sections of the cave called commonly "sumps". The Americans began using sidemount in the 70's for the same purpose in Florida.
In the early 80's, Wes Skiles, and other Florida cave divers started using sidemount configuration to explore cave passages that were too narrow for conventional back mounted cylinders. They quickly found that the British style of sidemount didn't work well in low passages and started developing a "Florida style" form of sidemount. Today the British refer to this "Florida style" diving as "American sidemount".

For most divers the Sky Diving position [horizontal trim] is difficult to achieve. It needs lots of practice and correct equipment configuration. We can help you achieve this by teaching you the right basics from the start and some tricks that we have developed over years of experience.